Review of Activities
The voice of the netizen
Sprouting in spring, growing in summer, harvest in autumn and storage in winter.” In the four seasons throughout a year, it is the autumn that is filled with pleasant and brilliant atmosphere. Today I was honored to attend the “Shanghai Minhang” activity for new media fans, not only enjoying the strong autumn attractions of bumper yields and golden fields but also learning about the achievements of agricultural modernization in Minhang. The experience of tasting sweet and savory fruits and vegetables and crystal rice is much memorable. As a new resident in Shanghai, I have lived in Minhang for more than 10 years, witnessing the tremendous changes. Even more encouraging is that our Minhang is still full of vitality, sparing no effort in removing the old to build the new and seeking perfection in all tasks!
@Huang Yinling
In the Great Pujiang activity organized by “Minhang, Shanghai”, the experiences of seeing the autumn harvest and learning about the growth process of the space bred seeds of vegetables have greatly broadened our horizon and given pleasure of bumper harvest to the children. As a new resident in Minhang, I feel honored and proud to see the beautiful rural areas in the district. Thank “Minhang, Shanghai” for providing this opportunity. I expect more of such activities.
Today I participated in the Great Pujiang activity organized by “Minhang, Shanghai”. As a Minhang resident, I was really happy to experience the pleasure in harvest and see the wonderful development of new rural areas in Minhang, Shanghai. Give my likes to Minhang!